Consumers are mobile. Move with them.

It’s no surprise that mobile in-app is one of the fastest growing areas for digital advertising. Whether consumers are watching a video, playing a game, or reading an article, IAS offers the same level of accuracy and insight into mobile media quality as we do for desktop.

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Our mobile solutions include:


Verification, wherever your audience is.

Consumers are on the go, so our solutions are too. IAS provides independent, trusted verification at scale on mobile and in-app.


The average consumer spends roughly one-third of their day on their mobile devices


Almost 90% of that time is spent on mobile apps


8 in 10 of U.S. mobile display ads are transacted programmatically

Maximize on mobile

Achieve Quality Impressions™ in the fast-growing mobile environment with pre-bid programmatic segments, our full suite of verification solutions, and automated solutions for mobile in-app and mobile web.

Cross-Industry Partnership & Standardization

We are founding members of an industry-wide, Open Measurement Working Group in partnership with the IAB and Google. The OM SDK initiative was created to standardize in-app measurement and enable verification capabilities like Viewability, a metric that’s otherwise unmeasurable.

Our history of industry standardization:
In 2016 IAS passed off the foundational code used to develop the Open Measurement SDK Initiative to the IAB
Today, the OM SDK is a widely accepted and proven industry standard for in-app and web video measurement
We remain closely involved as Open Measurement Working Group members in our continued efforts to promote transparency and standardization across the industry
In-App Solutions

As advertisers attempt to invest big in mobile, they continue to struggle with in-app measurement and verification. Our solutions are all about unlocking the mysteries of mobile, allowing for transparency, optimization, and monetization within the growing space.

With our mobile, in-app solutions, you get:
Comprehensive coverage across programmatic buys in-app with pre- and post-bid support for Viewability, Brand Safety, and IVT
A single-tag solution that supports monitoring and blocking for display and video across mobile in-app, and mobile web
MRC Accredited viewable impression metrics, SIVT detection and filtration, and customizable reporting


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