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Our efficiency and optimization solutions work for your ads, so your ads can work better for you. With Total Visibility™, you gain full financial transparency and optimization for your supply path, while solutions like Automated Tag improve the overall tagging experience and reduce operational overhead. All while gaining access to the same Quality Impressions™, as always.

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Our efficiency & optimization solutions cover:


Every moment counts when you’re building your brand.

IAS’s suite of Efficiency & Optimization solutions is continually evolving, giving ad buyers and sellers greater control in driving efficiencies, optimization, and content adjacencies that lead to better business results. With Total Visibility™, advertisers gain impression-level financial insights and media quality verification to find the true cost of flagged media. Plus, our Automated Tag solution with Google reduces tag wrapping time to seconds, provides mid-flight optimization, and streamlines reporting, so you can launch and modify campaigns faster.

Know exactly where every digital dollar goes.

Maximize your media spend and minimize waste with the right technology — and the right partner.


Total Visibility™ saves advertisers an average of 24% of budget that would otherwise be lost in the supply chain


Time spent wrapping tags is reduced by around 50%


Automated tag wrapping consolidates four manual steps into one simple process

Programmatic buying gives efficiency new meaning

Over the past several years, automated ad sales have gained traction and sophistication around the world, supporting a rise in media quality levels along the way. Gain access to high-performing, high-quality digital inventory through our programmatic solutions.

Total Visibility™

Activate more efficient campaigns, protect your spend, and deliver better ROI with Total Visibility™ — an exclusive, industry-first solution that delivers radical transparency into your programmatic media buys.

With Total Visibility™, you get:
Transparent and actionable quality path optimization
Near real-time, impression-level financial reporting
In-depth reporting on violations and optimizations
Automated Tag

Experience automation in mere seconds. Spend less time tagging and more time optimizing with Automated Tag, our first-to-market solution for efficient tag management. Stay ahead of the competition with an automated workflow that lets you focus on campaign performance — without ever leaving your ad server’s platform.

With Automated Tag, you get:
Automated tag wrapping that saves time and minimizes human error
Centralized management and reconciliation of wrapped tags
Greater operational efficiencies with increased control of the campaign set-up process

HP has been an active participant in IAS’s Automated Tag beta with Google and we have seen a huge impact on time savings for our Ad Ops team. We’re excited that IAS’s verification is now automated within Google Campaign Manager allowing us to now launch campaigns faster with the third party protection our brand requires. We look forward to rolling out Automated Tag across all our campaigns.

– Chris Liberti, Global Ad Operations Lead


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