If an ad is out of view, it can’t reach its full potential

For digital ads to make an impact, they need to be seen — not just served. However, as many as one-third of digital ads go unseen by consumers in certain environments. Make sure your ads have the opportunity to be seen by real people wherever they are.

Give ads the spotlight they need with our toolkit.

Our viewability solutions cover:


Advertising can’t be effective without first being seen

Marketers need to reach the right consumers, in the right places, in the appropriate context. But before that can happen, ads need the opportunity to be viewable. Even after an ad loads, the environment or consumer interaction can interfere with the viewability. We ensure your ads receive Quality Attention™. After all, we know making a connection takes longer than one second.

Viewability continues to be a top concern for marketers

Viewability remains the bedrock of media quality assurance. As digital advertising becomes more sophisticated, media buyers and sellers want to not only prove their ability to drive results, but they also want to transact on viewability — making it a customizable currency.


of digital ads are going unseen by consumers in certain environments


of worldwide desktop display ads were in view in H2 2022 per the MRC standard


global time-in-view average for mobile web display ads in H2 2022

Ensure your campaigns get the attention they deserve

The longer your ads are in front of consumers, the greater the opportunity to leave an impression. Access viewability metrics and reallocate spend to top-performing ad formats. Our trusted viewability solutions cover both buyers and sellers to ensure efficiency and avoid wasted time on reconciliation.

Custom Viewability

Apply your own definition of a viewable impression to your campaigns. Set up your custom viewability standard with the most flexibility, highest degree of efficiency, and quickest turnaround in market. Decide on the viewability definition that is right for you.

With Custom Viewability you get:
Flexible customizations using a number of parameters beyond media and device type
Power to define and customize viewability metrics to align with your business goals
Turnkey set up process for operational efficiency for your team
Fraud-Free Measurement

Fraudulent impressions don’t advance the quality of your campaigns or inventory. We combine industry-standard measurement methodologies with our unique ad fraud detection, to offer you the most sophisticated viewability coverage.

With our Fraud-Free Measurement you get:
Viewability measurement that automatically excludes fraudulent impressions
Predictive data that makes it possible for brands to target the most viewable ads available — all before ever placing a bid
Real-time data via IAS Signal or automated reports sent directly to your inbox
Quality Attention™

Not all viewable impressions are equal. Go beyond binary viewability measurement and access time-based attention metrics with Quality Attention™. Reallocate your media dollars toward placements that leave a lasting impression.

With Quality Attention™ you get:
Access to metrics that show real campaign engagement globally
Increase in ROI by connecting campaign exposure to business results
Time-in-View metrics to understand if your media investment is generating enough total viewable time

IAS delivers innovative, industry-leading digital advertising solutions that are designed to drive superior results. Take a look at our full measurement and optimization product suite to learn how IAS helps your brand stay ahead of the competition.

MEASUREMENT: Protect your brand and verify the impact of your digital campaigns with enriched measurement solutions available for all digital formats and device types
OPTIMIZATION: Maximize campaign ROI with optimization solutions that cover media investments across social, CTV, and programmatic
PUBLISHER: Grow your audience and boost yield with ad monetization services that power revenue growth and better streaming experiences


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